What to Expect

What YOU must know about acquiring a language through TPRS in order to be successful:

There is no such thing as a person who isn’t good at learning languages.

Everything you learned in school about how to learn languages was wrong.  You were forcing your brain to function in a way it was never designed to.  That was not the fault of your brain.

The trick to acquiring another language is ridiculously simple:

You must hear a lot of the language and you must completely, entirely, totally, 100% understand what is being said.

In fact… if you’re doing it right… it feels effortless.  It feels involuntary.

You must be relaxed and not feel pressured to speak or perform.  There is no need to try to repeat what you hear.  Just concentrate on trying to understand.  Stop me and ask for translation or to slow down.

Turn off the part of your brain that wants to turn this into work… wants to memorize… wants to study… wants to analyze… wants to cram information into the short term memory instead of the long-term memory…

To do that you must:

Have fun

Listen.  Be aware of when your attention wanders and think of ways that you can contribute details to the story.

Stop and signal me whenever you don’t understand even one word.

Laugh.  It releases endorphins that contribute to long term retention.  Plus… it’s supposed to be funny.

Take breaks and move around.  A little physical movement makes the brain release feel-good chemicals into the body that also increase long-term memory.

Read, read, and re-read.  As you read you’ll understand more and more.  Use the vocab list, but don’t look up everything in a dictionary.