Spanish for Kids

Spanish Conversation Classes for Kids

Annapolis Language School offers an after-school Spanish Conversation Class to children in grades K-5 during the school year. Registration COMING SOON for Fall 2016 classes.

After School Spanish Program (5-11 year olds)

Do you know how many countries in the world claim that Spanish is their primary language?  (Twenty! — Can you name them all?)  Learning a second language is becoming essential in today’s world.  Waiting until Middle School to be exposed to another language is not enough for preparing our children for the multicultural world today.  It’s also more difficult for them to acquire a second language if they wait until they are teenagers or older.  Research has shown that the earlier you expose your child to a second language the better.

Annapolis Language School is working with several Anne Arundel County Public Schools to offer this very important skill to your children.  Our After School Spanish Program is offered once a week for one hour per week, immediately following the end of the school day.  Sessions are ten weeks long.  Cost:  $150 with a 25% sibling discount.    In our classes, your child will learn authentic speech, ways to communicate with others, the many cultures of the Hispanic world and so much more.  We do not simply teach for memorization.  We do not teach numbers, then colors, then animals out of context.  Instead, children learn how to make requests and meaningful statements –things they use everyday in English!  They acquire Spanish naturally, similarly to the way they acquired their first language.  They actually acquire Spanish without memorizing words and conjugating verbs.  Don’t we all wish we learned a foreign language that way?

Here are some of the benefits of learning a Foreign Language at an early age:

Researchers have discovered that children who learn a language outside of their native tongue have a multitude of cognitive benefits:

  • They score higher on standardized tests in math and reading.
  • They have increased creativity.
  • They have increased mental flexibility.
  • They have better listening and memory skills.
  • They are more open and have a greater appreciation for other cultures.
  • They have improved self-concepts and sense of achievement.

To bring this program to your child’s elementary school, contact your principal and/or PTA.  Then, Contact Us for more information and to learn how to get the process started at your school.  Let’s spread the word — We can no longer deny the importance of speaking more than one language.


Please contact us if you are interested in bringing Spanish classes to your school.