Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Adult Classes

I’m not very good at languages.  I tried to take a class and just didn’t get it!  How is this class different?

In a traditional classroom setting, thousands of vocabulary words are supposed to be memorized. Verbs are conjugated, first in the present, then past and so on. Grammar explanations are given. In language classes at Annapolis Language School, very few vocabulary words are used and are repeated and circled in an interesting way. Everything is 100% comprehensible. We do not move on until everyone understands everything! Grammar is taught, but not at length. Grammar is more IMPLIED.

Probably the biggest difference between traditional language classes and Annapolis Language School’s classes is the use of fun and quirky mini-stories, role-playing and readings, all at the beginner’s level. Because everything is repeated, it is ABSORBED, not memorized.

I am very busy and cannot commit to a language class every week.  Is this a problem?

No! Every week a new mini-story will be covered and discussed. If you miss a class (or a few), you won’t have missed anything, because you will return to a new story altogether. Of course, some building upon what you’ve already learned takes place. But, due to the nature of circling (repeating), you will pick up the new story (and structures/ vocabulary) right away.

How do I pay for classes?

You have two choices. One, you can pay as you go. Each one-hour class costs $40. You can come to class as many times as you’d like, each for $40/ hour. The second option is to “pre-pay” for a block of ten classes. Doing this allows you to only pay $30/ hour ($300 up front). This is a $100 savings! You can pay by check, made out to Adrienne Cruz, every time you come to class. (Or you can pay the $300 at the beginning of the ten hours.)

What are the materials required for class?

Each student must purchase the following materials: Look! I can Talk! Student Workbook, Look! I can Talk Mini-Stories, and Pobre Ana. These are available for purchase from the instructor for $50 for all three books. The first two books should last the equivalent of a semester of Spanish classes (approximately 30 hours). The short novel, Pobre Ana will be read after two to three weeks of class. When finished, another short novel must be purchased for $10.

It is also highly recommended that students bring the following to class every night: notebook/ paper, pens/pencils, comfortable clothes/ shoes, and a sense of humor!!!  Students will be asked to move around a bit, so be prepared!